Philnoni Capsules

Philnoni Capsules

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WHAT IS PHILNONI? Noni was considered as generally recognized as “safe GRASS” plant by the US Food and Drugs Administration and Department of Agriculture.


1. Increase energy and remedies anemia
2. Anti- cancer (breast, colon, prostate
3. Anti- tumor (myoma, ademyosis, cyst)
4. Helps remedy diabetes
5. Helps remedy low blood sugar
6. Helps prevent angina, arrhythmia, heart attack, heart failure, and rheumatic heart
7. Helps prevent kidney and gall bladder stones
8. Anti-osteoporosis
9. Reduces premenstrual syndrome pain (PMS)
10. Lowers high blood pressure (hypertension) and prevents aneurysm
11. Protects healthy cells from radiation damage
12. Restores sexual capacity
13. Anti-arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gout)
14. Anti- Asthma
15. Prolongs life (delays and cures aging)
16. Makes thinking sharper
17. Stops bleeding (when applied topically)
18. Heals wounds
19. Strengthens body immune system
20. Relieves cough and chronic bronchitis
21. Helps remedy emphysema
22. Anti-allergic rhinitis (anti-sinusitis)
23. Alleviates scombroid fish, and food poisoning
24. Anti-inflammation
25. Helps regulate sleep, mood cycles, and insomia
26. Prevents cataract and other eye diseases
27. Helps the digestive and eliminatory systems
28. Stops falling hair and stimulates hair re-growth
29. Makes skin and gums healthier
30. Helps the liver detoxify the body

In the Philippines, noni is one of the unknown ancient herbal plants in our history. Which has many common local names (noni, apatot, bankoro, bangkodo, nino, ect.) which growing wild in isolated sea costs of the Island of the Philippines.

Traditional Medicinal Uses:

Parts of the fruit are used as a tonic and tocontain fever (China, Japan, Hawaii)
The leaves, flowers, fruit, and bark can treat eye problems, skin wounds and abscesses, gum and throat problems, respiratory ailments, constipation, and fever (Pacific Islands, Hawaii)
Used to treat stomach pains and after delivery (Marshall Islands)
Heated leaves applied to the chest relieve coughs, nausea, and colic (Malaysia)
Juice of the leaves is taken for arthritis (Philippines)
The fruit is taken for lumbago, asthma, and dysentery (Indochina)
Pounded, unripe fruit is mixed with salt and applied to cuts and broken bones
Ripe fruit is used to draw out pus from an infected boil (Hawaii)
Juices of over-ripe fruits are taken to regulate menstrual flow and ease urinary problems (Malaysia)
The fruit can be used to make shampoo (Malaysia, Hawaii) and to treat head lice (Hawaii)
Other exotic diseases treated with the plant include diabetes (widespread) and venereal diseases

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